Rerun Tuesday: Weary Stepmom

Last year I wrote the words below and as I re-read them I'm thinking about how they apply to being any kind of parent - step, biological it doesn't matter. If you are a mom God made you for this. There will be days when yo are touted but don't grow weary. Lean into God and remember... God has a plan and you being a stepmom is part of it. God created me for this. He made me to be a stepmom to T. To be another mom for him. I’m messing up, yes. And I always will because I am human, but I am not … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: Encouragement

I wrote this post almost two years ago for the same reason I write most posts: because it's what I need to hear myself! One of our biggest worries and fears as moms/stepmoms is that we might be messing up our kids. We question our decisions and actions. I feel like as stepmoms we might second guess ourselves even more. As I wrote in the post from the past: Mamas, you are not messing up your kids. You may mess up now and again but you are not messing up your kids. You are human. You will … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: Down Time

From the archives: Down Time   Why is it that it can be so much easier to write about the struggles than it is to write about the good times? Well, I'm going to be intentional in recognizing the good times. Like today, right now T and I are relaxing, hanging out together. I'm reading (and writing this) and he is playing dragonvale, telling me all about his dragons and people visiting his island. I love this time together.   Or last night, my parents took T and me to … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: Family Vacation

From the archives: Family Vacation This was going to be great. Disneyland with my whole family, my not-yet-husband and the boy for five days. So great! I have two nephews both one year younger than T so they were going to have a great time and me and the hubs were going to be the perfect parents on the perfect vacation and we were going to really bond and have such a great time. Except we didn't. Well, I don't want to say we didn't. There were some good times but there were also some … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: No Expectations

From the archives: No Expectations We had several outstanding requests to T's mom regarding his poor grades and plans for the summer. After a couple days of not hearing back I thought for sure her response(s) either would a) never come or b) be negative. I even resorted to checking my hubby's email several times during my workday looking for and expecting the worst. I totally ignored that small voice that said even if you get a response what can you do about it now while you are at … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: Independence

From the archives: Independence We are working on teaching T some independence and responsibility. He's almost 14 and it seems maybe we have done too much for him over the years. Helped him too many times. Rescued him too often. Consequences and structure are so important to all children but I tend to think even more so with children who split their time between homes. M and I try. There are so many extra dynamics when you co-parent with an ex. It's easy to blame the other parent for … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: Seven Ways to Pray for your Stepkid

From the archives: Seven Ways to Pray for your Stepkid Ever feel stumped when you are wanting to pray for your stepkid? Here are seven ideas that stepmoms can use to pray for their kids. (Since I have a stepSON, I’m going to use “stepson” and “he” in these prayers but you can easily switch that if you have a stepdaughter.) 1. Pray for his salvation. Father God, I pray that my stepson asks Jesus into his heart. I pray that he is on fire for you Lord and that he will have a close and growing … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: I Choose to Be Another Mom

From the archives... I Choose to Be Another Mom I choose to be another mom to my stepson. I'm not his mother; he's got one. But that doesn't mean I'm not important or special to my stepson. I hope you realize this is true for you, lovely stepmom. Moms are special people but stepmoms are pretty special too. We choose to be a mother to someone who may or may not love us like we would like them to. We choose to put our hearts out there and love unconditionally. I would love to hear … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: Communication

From the archives... here are some tips on how to help make communicating with your husband's ex less frustrating. I would be willing to bet that every stepmom and her husband have had at least one frustrating communication experience with the kids' mom. If your situation is like ours, 75% of your conversations with the ex are frustrating. If you are in the early years of being a stepmom let me tell you things will get easier! You may never be best friends with your kids' mom but … [Read more...]