How to Have Less Worry and More Peace

One of my very first blog posts back in May 2013 was about spring break. It's funny how much things have changed in those few short years between then and now. I remember how worried I was then. How much I stressed about this child that I loved so much, and I still do, but had so little control over. Do you ever control your children? Biological or step? No, we really don't. But back then I worried so much for his safety - physical, emotional and spiritual. I hated that time away from us … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: Down Time

From the archives: Down Time   Why is it that it can be so much easier to write about the struggles than it is to write about the good times? Well, I'm going to be intentional in recognizing the good times. Like today, right now T and I are relaxing, hanging out together. I'm reading (and writing this) and he is playing dragonvale, telling me all about his dragons and people visiting his island. I love this time together.   Or last night, my parents took T and me to … [Read more...]

Rerun Tuesday: I Choose to Be Another Mom

From the archives... I Choose to Be Another Mom I choose to be another mom to my stepson. I'm not his mother; he's got one. But that doesn't mean I'm not important or special to my stepson. I hope you realize this is true for you, lovely stepmom. Moms are special people but stepmoms are pretty special too. We choose to be a mother to someone who may or may not love us like we would like them to. We choose to put our hearts out there and love unconditionally. I would love to hear … [Read more...]

Summer to do List

School is almost out for us. One more week to go! I need/want to talk about summer schedules and scheduling challenges but right now I just want to create summer bucket list. I also love this idea from of creating a summer picture book ( I think I might post some of these to instagram so watch for that). So, without further ado.... Top Ten Must-Do's this Summer for the Being Stepmom Family 1. Go to Six Flags (T and I have season passes and I want to get my money's … [Read more...]

Book Review: In Step with Your Stepchildren

No one ever said being a stepparent was easy but if you are open to it, being a stepparent can be so rewarding and a huge blessing on your life. Filled with practical advice on growing your relationship with your stepkids “In Step with Your Stepchildren: Building a Strong One-on-One Relationship” by Karen O'Connor is for all “levels”of stepparents and about all ages of kids. Karen gives real life examples, real stories, from stepparents that are relatable and show you how others handle … [Read more...]

Mothers of the Heart

I'm thrilled to have Patty Ann on Being Stepmom today. She brings an amazing perspective to our community here as her stepkids are grown now, but she has a good relationship with them. Patty Ann is a busy mother, grandmother, and wife. She lives her life in the woods she loves up on the top of a beautiful mountain. She loves music, photography and writing. Most of all she loves her Heavenly Father and enjoys writing about his influence in her life. You can find her on her blog at Pitterle … [Read more...]

In Honor of Stepmoms … Superwomen in the making

Meet Ursula from My So Called Blended Life. Her blog is brand new and already so encouraging to other to moms of blended families. Ursula is a 34 year old mother of a 12 year old daughter and 6 year old stepson from the Los Angeles area. She enjoys reading, writing, music, spending time with her family…oh, and blogging! She shares her raw, real, and sometimes humorous insights as part of a blended family on her blog, U's post is part of our series on Mother’s … [Read more...]

Growing Together Takes Time

I am so pleased to introduce you to Karen Campos from SuperParentMom. Karen is typically an exhausted forty something, Christ-follower, daughter, sister, wife, teacher, mom of one rambunctious son, mom of one gifted son, custodial step-mom to one totally teenage daughter, avid reader, wanna-be photographer, scrap-booker, endless dieter, coke zero drinker, suburban dweller, volunteer and friend. Karen is the first in our series on Mother’s Day for Stepmoms so please welcome her to Being Stepmom … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day for Stepmoms

For stepmoms, Mother's Day can be hard. I know it can be for me. In honor of all moms, I had this crazy idea that I'd like to feature guest bloggers who are stepmoms leading up to Mother's Day. Since it can be a tricky day for stepmoms I thought it would be nice to honor them/us in celebration. I hope you will enjoy this series as much as me! Let me kick it off with my Mother's Day story... My stepson is never with us on Mother's Day because he is with his biomom. My husband has always … [Read more...]

Avoiding Resentment

I was recently talking to a reader-friend about how frustrating it can be when our husbands don't seem to notice when our kids are not doing what they are supposed to! For the longest time, I was always the one directing my stepson with chores, homework, bed times, all that.  My husband was sometimes oblivious to it all. I would be thinking in my head, "you told him to do xyz and he is not so why aren't you doing ANYTHING!" Or, "It is 9 minutes past his bedtime, why aren't you telling him to get … [Read more...]