2 Ways to be Present with Your Kids

Couple of days ago T was playing with the indoor basketball hoop (that is actually the baby's but that's another story 😊) and he turned to me and said "where's the ball?" You guys, I spent probably a good five minutes looking for the ball before I turned around and looked at him. You know where the ball was? Under his shirt! T thought it was hilarious that he tricked me. I felt bad. Really bad. If I had just stopped and really looked at him I would've seen it right away. I was just … [Read more...]

My Un-Word of the Year

I'm joining Edie, Myquillin, Angela, and Darlene as they share their un-words of 2014. What word do you want to get rid of this year? My un-word? Overwhelmed. I'm done being overwhelmed. Motherhood — not just stepmotherhood — can be overwhelming. Fortunately for me, when I am weak, He is strong. And maybe I don't have to say "yes" to every request and invitation. Maybe, less is actually more. Removing "overwhelmed" from my year will make room for my one word -- present... Living in each … [Read more...]

One Word

It took me a while but I finally have my word for 2014! I first heard of the idea last year but couldn't settle on a word. This year I was going to take part. And then January 1, 2014 came and went and I didn't t have a word. I didn't even really pray on it to be honest. I thought about it. I even started to pray but always went on to do something else. My mind was never where I needed it to be. Days went by and as I read one word posts on my favorite blogs I wistfully thought I want a word. But … [Read more...]