What I Wore Wednesday: Weeks Worth of Looks

This week I'm taking inspiration for work looks straight from Pinterest. Days one and four this week will be a combo of the first three looks. I'm wearing a light blue button top (Gap) with a polka dot skirt (Stitch Fix) on Monday and a pink skirt (Anthro) with a chambray top (Old Navy) on Thursday. Tuesday I'm planning to wear a blue striped shirt (Old Navy) white blazer and teal skinnies  (Stitch Fix). I have an adorably simple gray a-line dress (H&M) that I will pair … [Read more...]

Summer to do List

School is almost out for us. One more week to go! I need/want to talk about summer schedules and scheduling challenges but right now I just want to create summer bucket list. I also love this idea from faithgateway.com of creating a summer picture book ( I think I might post some of these to instagram so watch for that). So, without further ado.... Top Ten Must-Do's this Summer for the Being Stepmom Family 1. Go to Six Flags (T and I have season passes and I want to get my money's … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday: Casual Friday

It's hard to tell because of the poor photo quality but my skinny jeans are actually a dark teal (Stitch Fix) and my top if off-white with blue dots (H&M). ---- Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Every week Lindsey offers a place to link up your fashion posts, and get tons of inspiration from other amazing women!       ---- This post contains affiliate links. … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday: Stitch Fix

It's been a while since I participated in What I Wore Wednesday and just as long since I'e placed an order with Stitch Fix. I forgot how much I love this service. In case you haven't heard (but I don't know how that is possible!) Stitch Fix is a personal shopping site online. I've been happy with something in each box I have got. This time I got the same stylist as before and she remembered some preferences of mine and took the time to look at my Pinterest boards. Bonus: I get $25 in Stitch … [Read more...]

Grateful {part two}

I'm feeling so grateful right now. Thankful for all the Lord has given my family. I'm feeling guilty for all of the time I've spent this past week stewing over the little things and being angry at others. My day job is working at a nonprofit that provides food to people in need. This Mother's Day I had a voice mail on my cell phone from a guy who wanted help feeding his family. I wasn't sure I was going to call him back. I wasn't at my computer didn't know if I could find the resource … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day, Stepmom!

Even if your kids aren't with you today, Stepmom, know that you are appreciated and loved and that you matter. If you are looking for encouragement today, check out some of the stories in our Mother's Day for Stepmoms series. Happy Mother's Day! … [Read more...]

Book Review: In Step with Your Stepchildren

No one ever said being a stepparent was easy but if you are open to it, being a stepparent can be so rewarding and a huge blessing on your life. Filled with practical advice on growing your relationship with your stepkids “In Step with Your Stepchildren: Building a Strong One-on-One Relationship” by Karen O'Connor is for all “levels”of stepparents and about all ages of kids. Karen gives real life examples, real stories, from stepparents that are relatable and show you how others handle … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Grateful

God. Husband. Stepson. Our family. Friends. Snoring dogs and a playful cat. Home. Cars. (not really the cars specifically or driving but the ability to.) Jobs. Abundance of good food. Liberty. California sunshine. Vacation. Books. Blogs. Music. Church family. Clouds. Ice cream. Funny TV shows. Beach. Coffee. Children. Legos. Laughter. So much to be grateful for and I thank my God everyday for the many blessings he has … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Mess

The laundry is piled high on the futon in the spare room... Again. Who am I kidding?? It's not again because it never left. There is always a massive amount of laundry piled in the spare room aka my office. I'm pretty sure there is a spill on the counter that no one cleaned up and we haven't swept the floors in a week. Oh boy. And the table cloth needs to be changed. Sheets probably do too. Wow. What a mess! Work is hard right now. Stepson relationship tense at times. I'm sure biomom is up to … [Read more...]

Fall in Love with the World Next Door

Love is more than a date on the calendar and today I'm joining Lisa-Jo Baker to invite you to fall in love with the world next door. What if we could build a safe place for sustainable food, child care, economic empowerment, job skills trainings, a gathering place for church, classrooms for HIV/Aids education, and a playground for kids in South Africa? Lisa-Jo's is raising funds to provide a community vegetable garden, kitchen & welcome center, community outreach hall, classrooms, and … [Read more...]