Goodbye daily sales ads and Amazon wishlist to the rescue

No Spend November Day Two

I started unsubscribing from the millions of mailing lists I’m on so I can stop being tempted by the daily sales ads. My theory is if I need to buy something I can sign up for the mailing list again to see what sales are happening or just use something like Ebates to look for deals. If I’m not getting the emails telling me about things I never knew I needed before I should, in theory, spend less money. I think I’m going to try to unsubscribe from about five lists a day until I’ve rid myself of all unwanted emails.

Today, I had lunch with coworkers and then dinner with my brother. I heard on a podcast about how one woman’s life was changed by having a milk frother. I promptly went to Amazon to look it up and… saved it to my wishlist! I didn’t buy it. Maybe someone will look at my wishlist for my birthday or Christmas. 😉

Day One Total:
Lunch $24
Dinner $46

Next up, I’m going to work on unsubscribing from the millions of marketing emails I have signed up for. 


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