God is with me

God is with me

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest and I just couldn’t even breathe. I had to walk out of the counseling session because I was about to cry or scream or do something. I don’t even know.

I was so angry and just did not understand why this was all happening.

My husband and I were with my stepson and his biomom at a counseling session and I can’t go into details – I don’t want to go into details – but it was just all so wrong.

I was hurt and I was angry for myself, for my husband, for my stepson, for all of us.

And I just had to leave the room. So I did. I left them to finish discussing everything and I sat outside just trying to breathe. I sent a text to one of my sisters in Christ and asked for her to please, please pray for me. She wrote me right back and said just repeat over and over God is with me, God is with me, God is with me. So, I sat outside the counselor’s office and did exactly that.

God is with me. God is with me. God is with me.

The more I said it the more my breathing returned to normal and the calmer I felt. I can’t tell you the outcome of that counseling session and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what I had wanted but I can tell you the simple act of remembering that God is with me such a peace.

Remembering that God is with you can give you can give you so much hope no matter what the situation.

My prayer for you dear stepmom is that you also remember that God is with you. Remember that you are never alone. Remeber that is long as you are trying your best for your stepchild (even though you will make mistakes and even though things will not go how you want) you are doing your best for your stepkid and God is with you. That my friend is enough. You are enough and you are never alone.



  1. Danielle Williams says:

    Thanks so much for this website. For this article. I try so hard i really do and i always feel attacked and not good enough. But regardlesa i know Jehovah is with me thank you.

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