Dear Younger Me


Dear Younger Me: This letter is not meant to shame or condemn

Dear Younger Me,

I’m not sure where to start. This letter is not meant to shame or condemn. The mistakes you will make have made you me.  

I don’t necessarily want to take away any hurt or pain because that’s how you learn. I do want to tell you, younger me, to love God and love people. God gave you life, dear one. Jesus sacrificed himself so that you could live.

You are not meant to be perfect. Only He is. Show Him the love and respect he deserves. Ask for forgiveness. Be kind and don’t lose hope.

You will fail. You will make mistakes, but let me tell you, younger me, it is all going to be ok. Life is good. And even if it wasn’t, we know how the story ends – Love wins. Jesus has already won. Find peace in that, dear one, and just love God and love people, and you will be ok.


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