Life changing

I can think of so many moments that could be considered life-changing. How do you choose just one? Studying abroad? Meeting my husband? Being a stepmom? Deciding to go back to church? Giving birth?

So many moments – good and bad – have made me who I am today.

But if I had to pick one and choose the most impactful life-changing moment it would be choosing to follow Jesus.

I can’t remember exactly when but at some point after becoming a stepmom a desire started growing in me to know God better.

I grew up in a Christian home, going to church every Sunday but don’t know that I really ever had a relationship with Jesus. As a teenager, I started drifting away. I always considered myself a Christian but wasn’t reading my Bible, was hardly praying and was definitely not going to church.

As a young stepmom, I was struggling with my role and I picked up a book called The Power of  Positive Mom*.

I was learning more about Jesus and what it meant to have a relationship with him. As I was reading the book and learning more about putting my trust in God, my life slowly was starting to change.

I started looking at churches in my area.

A friend was attending services at the one that intrigued me the most from its online presence. We met up for coffee one Sunday morning and then went to church.

That was over five years ago.

Attending church, participating in life groups, and serving in children’s ministry has led to a stronger relationship with Jesus and has truly changed my life. The worry and fear and bitterness that consumed me for so long has been dulled to a small whisper in my weakest moments. I believe that my strength is in Jesus. He has plans for me and he will use any situation I’m in for my good. Though I may not see it on this side of heaven, I believe that my God is for me and so there’s nothing that I cannot do with His strength.

It’s truly freeing to have the knowledge that Jesus is so for me.

All I need to do is love God and love people. And even that I don’t have to do on my own. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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