Childhood part two


Childhood part two

If you did not experience childhood in the early 80s let me enlighten you. In 1984 there was a phenomenon among the preschool set known as Rainbow Brite. She was a girl who rode a horse on a rainbow. Need I say more??

I was one of these preschoolers smitten with Rainbow Brite.

On the playground, we would pretend to be her and her pals. There was one boy in our group and a gaggle of girls.

(Side note: the said boy was my “boyfriend.” He walked across the classroom one day and said: “wanna be my girlfriend?” I said “sure.” And so were boyfriend and girlfriend from that day forward.)

Remember how a couple of posts ago I said I may have been perceived as a bossy child?? Well, I always insisted on being Rainbow Brite myself. On the occasion I was generous and allowed one of my friends to be her, I would be the yellow one or I would not play. (Wow! I think I was a brat!)

Back then I was only limited by my imagination.

The play structure could be Rainbow Land or Care-a-lot, or a pirate ship. The ground (was it sand or concrete back then??) was often hot lava or the ocean. What fun!

This has me thinking… when was the last time as an adult I used my imagination? When was the last time I was only limited by my own imagination?

I think it’s time I played a little make-believe again.

How can I use this freedom to think outside the box in my home? At work? At church? How would being me change if I didn’t hold back?

Your turn.

  1. What’s your earliest childhood memory?
  2. When was the last time as an adult you used your imagination?
  3. When was the last time you were only limited by your own imagination?

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