When I was in preschool and elementary school my mom had an in-home daycare. You could say I was a self-appointed assistant director at my mom’s daycare. I would enforce rules and direct games. Some people may have called me a bossy child because of this. I choose to think of it as developing leadership skills during my childhood.

True leadership skills were developed in middle and high school through 4-H.

Go ahead. Laugh. Picture me in boots and spurs as an awkward teen.

I was in many groups within my club and served as a junior leader plus I was an officer one year. (Roberts Rules of Order anyone??)

My mom sacrificed a lot to get me to and from all of these activities and for that I’m grateful. I truly do believe that I learned some amazing skills by participating and that has contributed to me being me.

I wonder what kind of adults my children will become and what life skills they are learning now.

With my oldest (step) son, M and I had him participating in community service from the pretty young age. He was also in a kids leadership group for a bit. And I do believe that team sports teach a lot about working together and good sportsmanship. We’ve done our best to make sure he’s involved in at least one sport a year.

There have been challenges with trying to teach life skills while also co-parenting.

M and I have always just tried to parent the best we can when we can. When our son is in our home, we do our best to get him to his sports and other commitments or to serve our community as a family. We can’t control where he goes or what he does when he’s with his bio-mom. We can offer to help and tell him to call us if he ever needs a ride or help in any way. That’s the best we can do.

Your turn.

Do you ever wonder what kind of adults or children will become?
Do you wonder what life skills they are learning now during their childhood?
What skills and traits do your children exhibit now that you believe will serve them later in their lives?


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