How to Have Less Worry and More Peace

One of my very first blog posts back in May 2013 was about spring break. It’s funny how much things have changed in those few short years between then and now.

I remember how worried I was then. How much I stressed about this child that I loved so much, and I still do, but had so little control over. Do you ever control your children? Biological or step? No, we really don’t.

But back then I worried so much for his safety – physical, emotional and spiritual. I hated that time away from us because I missed him and I worried about him.

Fast forward to 2016 and that little boy is now a teenager. Spring break is here again and though I still worry about his safety the fear isn’t as gripping as before.

And there’s only one reason for that. God. I cannot have this peace I have now without him.

So how did I get here?

1. Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. Asking God to protect my stepson and to give me peace, patience and comfort. Also asking God to give my husband wisdom and my son’s biological mother the same.

2. Time. Time to understand that I can’t control what happens at the other parents house and that ultimately God is in control.

3. The Word. Reading the bible to hide the Word in my heart and remember God’s ways are not my ways and that he has a plan even if I can’t see what that plan is.

My prayer for you (step)mama is that if you are in that worried, stressed out season that God will give you peace and comfort and that you will know that this is only a season and will not last forever. God loves you and I love you.


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