2 Ways to be Present with Your Kids

Ways to be more present with your kids

Couple of days ago T was playing with the indoor basketball hoop (that is actually the baby’s but that’s another story 😊) and he turned to me and said “where’s the ball?” You guys, I spent probably a good five minutes looking for the ball before I turned around and looked at him.

You know where the ball was? Under his shirt! T thought it was hilarious that he tricked me. I felt bad. Really bad. If I had just stopped and really looked at him I would’ve seen it right away. I was just moving too fast like I often do.

Got me thinking… what else am I missing because I’m not stopping and looking? What else am I missing by not being present? And how can I be more present?

Here are a couple of ideas that I came up with:

1. Stop mulitasking. It’s something many of us do and very few are actually good at. So, just don’t do it.
2. When your kids (or anyone really) talk to you, look at them, in the eye or not. Just looking at them lets them know you care about what they are saying and helps you to focus on that.

What are some other ways to be present especially with your kids?


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