Being Intentional as my Child Learns and Grows

With my little, this season is so much fun. He is learning so much and growing so quickly. This morning s during tummy time, he scooted forward so he could grab a toy that was just out of reach. He was getting his little legs under him and he hadn’t done that before. It was very exciting.

He loves to read and seriously has since we brought him home from the hospital. At just weeks old he would intently look at the book as we read it him. He’d grab the edges of the book even. Now he starts kicking his legs as I pick up a book to read to him. I just love our time reading together.

I love watching him learn and grow and discover exciting new things like his feet or how to pick something up or move backwards in his walker. It’s amazing!

I want to be intentional in helping him learn and grow. Respect is very important to my husband and me. We want to be sure he learns respect early on. I want to encourage his love of reading and most importantly help him to learn to seek the Lord. I’m starting with reading to him each day from his Jesus Calling Story Book Bible. It’s got respect, reading and Jesus covered! As he grows the way we teach him will too. I pray that we can lead by example. I know I will mess up so thank goodness I have Jesus to forgive me and Baby G has Jesus to guide him!

Dear Lord,

As my child grows, help him to seek Your guidance so that he may make wise decisions and choose what is right. I know that as a parent I only have him for a short time but he is Yours forever. Help me to be the mom You made me to be so that I can help train him in Your ways, Father.




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