Write 31 Days (That’s a Wrap)

31-Days-333x500 (1)Well, I didn’t exactly succeed at writing for all 31 days of October but I did write more than half the month so that’s worth something I think. 😊

Here are four things I learned by writing about encouragement this month: 

  1. Don’t be anxious. Worrying does not help at all. It doesn’t change your circumstances and it doesn’t make anything better. Put your trust in God and let him take on your anxieties.
  2. Seek wisdom. Instead of worrying ask God for wisdom. He will guide you if you ask.
  3. Love others. Love your friends and your enemies. Make your decisions through the lense of loving others.
  4. Love God. Do this above all else. If you love God and obey him, your life will not be easier but you will be able to learn to be content in all situations. God loves you and you are his favorite. Love God first and then love others.

Thanks for joining me on this Write 31 Days journey. I hope you found some encouragement and maybe learned something with me along the way.


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