Encouragement for Moms of Littles (Growing Up)

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52

Growing up happens so fast. When you’re a kid though it seems to take forever! To me it seems like just yesterday my stepson was this funny, easy going little kid who played with legos and now he’s this young man with a great sense of humor who loves video games. And my baby how is he five months old? He already has this personality that is larger than life! It’s amazing to me that just this time last year we were only telling people we were pregnant and now this little guy is such a big part of our lives and we just love him so much!

What I want for my boys is that they would seek wisdom from the Lord. That they grow to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. They will make mistakes growing up and so will my husband and I in raising them but God will forgive us and help us if we only ask.

Let’s Pray


May my child grow in wisdom and stature and may he always seek your ways and strive to be like you, Jesus.



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