Encouragement for Moms of Littles (Overwhelmed) 

 For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers.  1 Peter 3:12

The first few weeks of being home with some newborn were Over. Whelm. Ing. I didn’t expect to feel that way since I’d been a stepmom for ten years, I’d pulled all nighters in college, and my husband is an amazing dad and partner. I had no idea. I had heard that the tiredness you feel when sleep deprived from a newborn is like nothing else but I didn’t get it. And it used to make me mad that people would say that since I didn’t give birth or have a newborn I wouldn’t understand so I hope I’m not making anyone feel that way now. That’s not my intent. I’m just saying I was exhausted. Physically, mentally and emotionally, and I really didn’t expect that.

A couple things that helped:

1. Having a spouse who shared the responsibility of can’t for this sweet baby as equally as he possibly could. (Certain things he could not do… lactate for example.)

2. Letting others help. The first two weeks emotionally I felt like a mess. I just wanted my baby and nothing else. M’s aunt stayed with us and was so patient and kind to me. She’d foodies and fold laundry plus take the baggy baby (when I finally started letting her) so I could nap during the day. My friends from bible study also brought meals for a week which was super helpful. And my mom made sure we had dinner that first night home from the hospital.

3. Remembering that you were made for this and this season is super short. In the book, The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey through Baby’s First Year, the author writes that when you’re feeling overwhelmed look into your child’s eyes and find peace in knowing God created you to be the mother of this child. She also says God has called you therefore required you with the help of His Spirit to love and care for this baby. That’s powerful and true.

Let’s Pray

Father God,

Thank you that we are able to talk with you through prayer and that you listen. Thank you Lord for watching over me and my child. Father I’m so grateful that when I’m feeling completely overwhelmed I can come to you and you will give me comfort and rest. Ill I have to do is ask. I’m asking you today Father to list this feeling of being overwhelmed and replace it with peace. Thank you Lord. I love you.


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  1. I wish we could give moms with newborns more support. I hope by the time I’m a grandma I have it figured out. It’s SO miserable. 🙁 *Found you on 31 days! 🙂

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