Rerun Tuesday: Overstepping Boundaries

From the archives: What if Stepmom is Overstepping Boundaries?


Wow. Am I feeling convicted. I’m reading some child custody forums and keep seeing things like this…

My ex-husband’s new wife oversteps boundaries, so much so that it has impacted my ability to co-parent effectively.

I’m sure husband’s ex must feel at times that all I do is overstep boundaries. Sometimes M and his ex just can’t “hear” each other and so I step in to “mediate.” There have been times when the ex has put T n the middle and also encouraged him to not be honest with us.  And yes I did step in then. I should have let M handle it but he wasn’t able to without getting upset.

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This post is part of a series I’m doing called “Rerun Tuesday” where I will share a post from my archives a couple of Tuesdays a month. I was inspired by Family Fusion Community for the idea. I hope you find this helpful!


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