Book Review and Blog Tour: Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe


My name is Lisa and I’ve got a confession to make: I’m far from perfect.

You’re shocked I know. But it is true. Prior to becoming a wife and a stepmom, I was pretty sure I’d have it all together. Sometimes I still think this way, I guess.  And I love what Jenny Lee Sulpizio had to say about these sort of expectations in her book, Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe. She says that her expectations consisted of a“well-orchestrated daily schedule” that included time at the gym, regular naps, gourmet meals, and a spotless house. 

But that isn’t how it usually turns out to be is it? Today, I have the honor of guest posting over at Jenny’s blog. Please head over there to read the rest of my thoughts on Perfect Expectations vs. Imperfect Reality.

Be sure to also pick up a copy of Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe. “She may be tough, beautiful, and practically perfect in every way, but saving the world is only easy when you’re Wonder Woman. Being a mom, on the other hand? Now, that takes some serious superpowers.”

And remember, we may not be perfect, but then we were never created to be.


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wonder woman wannabeThis post is part of the Perfectly Imperfect Blog Series by Jenny Sulpizio at The Blog: Mom on a Mission. I am helping to spread the word about  of Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe. Check it out and the other posts in the series.


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