Rerun Tuesday: Communication

From the archives… here are some tips on how to help make communicating with your husband’s ex less frustrating.

How to Make Communicating with the Ex Less Frustrating

I would be willing to bet that every stepmom and her husband have had at least one frustrating communication experience with the kids’ mom. If your situation is like ours, 75% of your conversations with the ex are frustrating.

If you are in the early years of being a stepmom let me tell you things will get easier! You may never be best friends with your kids’ mom but communication will improve simply because you will both know neither is going anywhere and no one wants to have those issues forever!

Stepmom, you can lead the change. Lead by example to help make communication less frustrating between all the parents.

Head on over to the original post for three tips to help make communicating with the ex less frustrating.

rerun-tuesdayThis post is part of a new series I’m doing called “Rerun Tuesday” where I will share a post from my archives a couple of Tuesdays a month. I was inspired by Family Fusion Community for the idea. I hope you find this helpful!



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