Five Minute Friday: Mess


The laundry is piled high on the futon in the spare room… Again. Who am I kidding?? It’s not again because it never left. There is always a massive amount of laundry piled in the spare room aka my office. I’m pretty sure there is a spill on the counter that no one cleaned up and we haven’t swept the floors in a week. Oh boy. And the table cloth needs to be changed. Sheets probably do too. Wow. What a mess!

Work is hard right now. Stepson relationship tense at times. I’m sure biomom is up to something (no I’m not). Hubby is still recovering from knee surgery and I haven’t slept for what feels like weeks. What a mess!

Despite this chaos surrounding me when the kid says “hey you wanna help me build this?” I say “yes.” In the middle of this messy chaotic life I say yes to playing Legos. To spending time with my kid. I say yes to investing in our relationship. Because that is what really matters. The mess isn’t important.

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  1. You are so right Lisa! The mess can take a back seat to investing in relationship. Way to choose people! Oh, my laundry sounds much like yours, it takes on a life of its own.
    Visting from FMF
    Cindy @ SmallTownGirl

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