Seven Ways to Pray for your Stepkid

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Ever feel stumped when you are wanting to pray for your stepkid? Here are seven ideas that stepmoms can use to pray for their kids. (Since I have a stepSON, I’m going to use “stepson” and “he” in these prayers but you can easily switch that if you have a stepdaughter.)

1. Pray for his salvation. Father God, I pray that my stepson asks Jesus into his heart. I pray that he is on fire for you Lord and that he will have a close and growing relationship with You. I pray that he keeps asking, keeps seeking and keeps knocking.

2. Pray for an open heart. Lord I pray that my stepson is able to hear your Holy Spirit guiding him and that he makes wise choices. I know he will make mistakes (and we will too) so Lord I ask that you help us as his parents teach him and give him grace as he does.

3. Pray for Jesus-loving friends. Lord help my stepson choose his friends wisely. Help him to say no to bad influences and shine your light in this fallen world.

4. Pray for peace in co-parenting. Father God, help us as parents in two separate households to work together to parent him and Lord help him to feel comfortable when parents/grandparents from both sides are around. Help him to know that we are all on his team and not against one another. Give him peace in that, Lord.

5. Pray for the future. I am afraid of the years to come, Lord, especially high school. I know there will be trouble but I also know that you have plan for him. A plan for good. I will find comfort in that. You give me strength Lord.

6. Pray for the Lord to guard his heart. Living in two households cannot be easy. And parents make mistakes that might be magnified by the shared custody. Lord I pray that you guard his heart from the hurt that his parents may cause him. Allow him to feel your presence even more in those times of hurt. Let him know that he is loved by his earthly parents and more than he can imagine by his Heavenly Father.

7. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving. Thank you Father for allowing me to be a part of this child’s life. Thank you for the time we have to spend together. Thank you for the lessons I have learned from being a stepmom and for the opportunity to share my life’s lessons with my stepson. Please Lord continue to grow our relationship and keep communication open between us. Thank you Father God for blessing me with this child.



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