Weary Stepmom

God has a plan

There are days when I don’t think I’m qualified for this job of being a stepmom. I wonder how bad am I messing up this kid? Who am I to try to parent another woman’s child?? I grow weary and struggle with my purpose.

You know what though? That is the enemy talking. It has to be. Because God created me for this. He made me to be a stepmom to T. To be another mom for him. I’m messing up, yes. And I always will because I am human, but I am not messing up my kid.

And you are made for this too. God has a plan and you being a stepmom is part of it. Don’t let the lies of the enemy get you down. Maybe we aren’t qualified but we are called. And God will qualify us. He made us to be a mom to these children.

For those of you who are weary, I pray that you will trust that He is in control and has a plan. We may not know what His plan is but he has promised that it is for our good. Rest in that stepmama.


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