Rely on Him

Rely on God

We are going through a season right with our boy where there are things happening with him we just don’t understand. He’s a good boy with a kind heart and he is funny and smart. He has lived in two houses with different rules for all of his life as far as he can remember. He’s struggled with telling the truth or maybe it’s even knowing or believing the truth for a long time. The season we are in now seems a step beyond that. It appears that he is making choices to do what he knows is wrong, but why? Why is he? He wants to do good when we are together. He serves at church and wants to do volunteer work. He helps us around the house. So why is he lying, hiding things and defying us at school? Why?!

I can ask why all say and all night. I probably have but it doesn’t matter. God knows why and that’s all that matters. T isn’t sharing with us right now and as much as I want to make him, I can’t. I can’t force him to share his heart. I can pray though. I can trust in The Lord and ask Him for guidance. I can be there for T and listen. I can’t help him or change why happens in his other home but while he is our care M and I can do our best to make him feel loved and safe and all the while we must rely on God. He know what’s going on with T and He is working everything together for our good so I needn’t worry.

And neither should you, mama. If you are going through a rough season with your child trust in Him. Rely on Him and be there for your kiddos. When they are ready to open up they will.

I know how hard it can be. It breaks my heart that T has something going on in his head that he can’t or won’t share with us. But it is only a season it won’t last forever and God has got him. He has T in his hands and he has your kiddos too.

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  1. There are no truer words. Split homes can be difficult, especially if the environments are quite different. Being there for him is the only thing you can do. Hopefully he will open up soon. Thanks for joining the Thumping Thursday bloghop.

  2. Jodi Caruthers says:

    I have been dealing with the same myself. I tried the tact that we love him and want the best for him. Lying to those you love will not make it easy for them to have your back when something goes wrong. He said, “I don’t understand what that means.” I said when all you do is lie to those who love you and don’t do what you are supposed to. When others approach us and tell us you did something wrong we will believe it. If you are honest with us all the time your word is good and means something. So if someone tells us that you have done something wrong, we are able to say wait a minute, not our R he does what he is supposed to. If he did something wrong there must have been a reason. We are able to give you the benefit of the doubt and consult with you first before believing it. But if we are only lyed to by you we will begin to believe that it is a character flaw in you and that makes your word worth nothing.

    • Jodi- we have tired the same thing too! Telling him that if he keeps lying it will be hard to believe him in the future or if he says someone is lying about him it will be hard to believe that he is the one telling the truth. I’m praying for you guys. One of the things that has helped us is empowering him to take some more responsibility for himself and his school work. That has seemed to help with some of the lying about school. Now that he knows he’s not going to get “in trouble” he is a little more open about things.

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