Stepmom, You Are Not Alone

Stepmom, You Are Not Alone

As a stepmom there can be many times when you feel overwhelmed and all alone. Sometimes it’s because no matter how good your intentions are things don’t go as you planned. Sometimes you just are not sure of how you fit into your new family. Are you a mom? A friend? A nanny? Support for dad? Sometimes you’re reminded by this child whom you love dearly that you are not his mother.

And  you know what? That’s ok. You’re not his mother but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a special place. You’re not a nanny or friend, you are a stepmom. You are partner to dad and a caregiver to the child. You’re role in your family is to love everyone unconditionally and be an example of Christ for those in your home.

Motherhood — not just stepmotherhood — can be overwhelming. But you are not alone. You are never alone. God is always there to pick you up and dust you off. He’s there when you’re angry, confused and overwhelmed. He’s also there when you are feeling loved, carefree and content. He is always there and you, beautiful stepmom, are never alone.

I also hope you will find community here. You can ask the questions you think no one else will understand because a fellow stepmom will and I hope you find encouragement. Because you are loved and you are special and you are strong. You got this mama!



  1. Even though being a mom to three kids 4 and under is unbelievably hard, it pales in comparison to being a step-mom to our older two. Hardest job I’ve ever had!


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