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{Thanks Time-Warp Wife for this}

After church one Sunday, the hubby asked the kid what he learned. He explained they were learning “Engage” — to teach others about Christ. We talked more about what that meant and asked how he would share that with his friends. He said, “I don’t know if I told you this but I was in my room not here but at my moms and I didn’t know about God or Jesus. And then you took me to camp and church and now I do know. I believe that was God.”

I know part of that is what he thinks he should say and he still doesn’t totally understand but I got two things from this: 1. He is learning to love Jesus. 2. He understands that the love of Jesus isn’t present in his other house. He will bring that love to his other house and to his friends at school. This warms my heart. Jesus truly does save.

Lord God may our boy always be strong and courageous in character. Help him to choose right even when it’s not the easiest choice. Protect him Father from loving the world too much. Help him to always be a blessing to others and may he help others learn to love you too. 



  1. FANTASTIC! Sounds like he will turn into a mighty man of God! <3
    Great blog!

    • elle michele says:

      Thank you for your sweet comments. Now that we are back from our trip I’m itching to write! Looking forward to reading your blog as well. Xoxo

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