No Expectations


We had several outstanding requests to T’s mom regarding his poor grades and plans for the summer. After a couple days of not hearing back I thought for sure her response(s) either would a) never come or b) be negative. I even resorted to checking my hubby’s email several times during my workday looking for and expecting the worst. I totally ignored that small voice that said even if you get a response what can you do about it now while you are at work.

They emails came in late one night … All positive. We have answers to our questions and I can plan out summer schedule. I feel much better.

But how many times am I going to have to learn the same lesson over again? Don’t tell yourself someone else’s story before you know the truth. Don’t assume that the answer will be no, no matter what your past history has told you. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

This summer I am going to work on this some more. When I get the urge to look up emails that I can’t do anything about I will resist. When I make up my mind about a response before I receive it I will remind myself that I do not yet know the answer.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with this! What helps me is prayer and I also have notes next to my computer reminding myself to ask, “is it true” and “can I let it go.” What do you do to avoid making assumptions that aren’t doing you — or anyone else —  any good?


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